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Safety and Security


Ray Myers, Safety and Security Officer


Student Safety and Security advocates for school safety and security through prevention measures including, but not limited to, emergency procedures, the code of conduct, parent/student handbook, and health services.

Maintaining a safe and secure learning environment is a top priority for Corrigan-Camden ISD. Our commitment to school safety is not new but something we work on consistently.; studying, planning, and evaluating our procedures for incident prevention and response.

A few of the things the District actively does to facilitate school safety are:

  • Strive to create a culture of safety and security in our school through the implementation and testing of a multi-hazard emergency operations plan.

  • Maintain coordination and cooperation with county law enforcement and emergency management agencies.

  • Maintain sophisticated surveillance technology and controlled building access procedures

  • Conduct regular crisis and safety management drills with students and staff in school;and annually conduct staff training in active threat response, buulying prevention, menatl health awareness, child abuse awareness and prevention, and suicide wareness and prevention.

  • Deploy buses with the latest safety and communications equipment

  • Conduct grade level meetings with students regarding safety, conduct, and responsibility.

  • Implement Character Development programs across the District

  • Promote and encourage use of our Safe Schools Reporting program.


Safety and Security