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C-CHS Announces Opportunities for Students

Posted Date: 08/14/2019

A major emphasis of Corrigan-Camden High School is to prepare students for their future whether they choose to attend a four-year university, a community college, technical school or enter the workforce immediately.  C-CHS works hard to ensure that every student leaves high school with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the real world.  For many years, C-CHS students have benefitted from the Corrigan Community Scholarship Fund.  All graduates who have been a C-CHS Bulldog for two of their four high school years are eligible to receive up to $8000 to help with funding a college education.  Students choosing to attend a technical/vocation school or specialized training are eligible for up to $5000.  Last year, over $250,000 was given out to our graduates to help them pursue their dreams.  According to Sage Gardner, HS Counselor, “All students will be receiving Scholarship packets in September. Please fill them out and return them promptly”.

Diana Locke, former High School Principal and current Human Resources Director for the District, stated, “This is the largest class of dual enrollment students C-CHS has ever had.  We have a total enrollment of over 50 students attending Angelina College for academic classes or attending the AC Welding Course on our HS Campus.  The welding instructor, Mr. Nevins, is from AC and our students will be working toward a Level 1 Welding Certificate”. 

Javier Perez, High School Principal added that he is proud that they have started an Adulting 101 Class for his high school students.  This class will help students learn to write a check, change a tire and other normal activities of adults.  He added, “Please visit our High School and see the wonderful things we have for our students.  I am proud of our teaching staff and I am proud of our students.  I am sure this will be a great year for learning”.




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