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An image of Jamie Kemper

Jamie Kemper

Transportation/Maintenance Director
An image of Carmen Barnes

Carmen Barnes

Transportation Secretary

Important Information and Forms


If you are moving into our district, please call me at 936-398-2341 ext 8031 and I will help make sure that your child is on the correct bus.  You might have to leave a voicemail for me, but I will return your call as soon as possible. You can also email me at and I will contact you.

If you ever have an issue on the bus, please call and speak with me directly.  Our bus drivers often have other jobs in addition to driving the school bus and are often difficult to reach.  I am sure that we can fix any concerns you might have, but please remember riding the bus is a privilege and is not a right.  We ask that your child be at the bus stop 5 minutes early.  We cannot wait for students at bus stops because we have to stay on schedule and for safety concerns.  We also expect students to be on their best behavior.  

My goal is to transport all students to and from school and other school-related events safely.  Safety comes first!

Jamie Kemper


Bus Route 1 – Carmona


Martha Thompson, Bus Driver Route 1 

Route 1 picks up students in the following areas:

Carmona Road, Brooks Road, Jr. Brooks Road, Eden Street, Asia Road, Peter Wilkins Road and Safford Road


Bus Route 1 Map

Bus Route 3 – Damascus – Wakefield


Casey McBryde, Bus Driver  Route 3

Route 3 picks up students in the following areas:

Damascus and Wakefield Areas

Bus Route Damascus

Bus Route 4 – Stryker - Market – Ben Franklin - Courthouse

PT Mahoney

PT Mahoney, Bus Driver Route 4

Bus Route 4 picks up students in the following areas:

Nine Bridges Road, Industrial Plant Road, Union Springs Area and the Courthouse area.

Bus Route 4 map

Bus Route 5  Moscow


Javier Perez, Bus Driver Route 5

Bus Route 5 picks up students in the following areas:

Moscow Area and Hardin Hideout

Bus Route 5 Map

Bus Route 6   Camden – 7 Oaks

Yolanda Beal

Yolanda Beal, Bus Driver 6

Bus Route 6 picks ups studentsin the following areas:

Camden and Seven Oaks

Bus Route 11 Map

Bus Route 8 Riley Village

Mike Hood

Mike Hood, Bus Driver Route 8

Bus Route 8 picks up students in Riley Village

Bus Route 8 Map

Bus Route 9 Pine Hollow

Mrs. Brown

Celia Brown, Bus Driver Route 9

Bus Route 9 picks up students in the following areas:

Pine Hollow and Jacks Station

Bus Route 9 map

Bus Route 10 Rayburn Hills

Nina Hulett

Nina Hulett, Bus Drive Route 10

Bus Route 10 picks up students in the following areas:

Rayburn Hills

Bus Route 10 Map

Bus Route 11 MLK


David Christie, Bus Driver Route 11

Bus Route 11 picks up students in the following areas:


Bus Route 11 Map

Bus Route 14 Special Needs

Jackie Stewart

Jacqueline (Jackie) Stewart, Bus Driver 14 Special Needs

This bus route varies and serves the needs of our students.



Bus Route 16 In Town – 69 South – Old 35 – VFW – Laurelia


Chris Oleinik, Bus Driver Route 16

Bus Route16 picks students up in the following areas:

Old Highway 35, Laurelia Estates,

Housing Authority next to High School and Eaton’s Hardware Area

Bus 16 Route Map

Bus Monitors

An image of Elisha Mitchell

Elisha Mitchell

Bus Monitor
An image of Cherry Lee

Cherry Lee

Bus Monitor
An image of Chelsea Fitzgerald

Chelsea Fitzgerald

Bus Monitor
An image of Nellie Love

Nellie Love

Bus Monitor
An image of Phelicha Jolly

Phelicha Jolly

Bus Monitor
An image of Lori Ward

Lori Ward

Bus Monitor
An image of Jackie Sweats

Jackie Sweats

Bus Monitor
An image of Emma Williams

Emma Williams

Bus Monitor
An image of Dorothy Horace

Dorothy Horace

Bus Monitor

The Maintenance Team


An image of Chris Oleinik

Chris Oleinik

An image of Robert Castillo

Robert Castillo

An image of Travis Bell

Travis Bell

An image of Jonathan Eleby

Jonathan Eleby