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Dual Credit Program

Corrigan-Camden High School offers students the opportunity to attend Angelina College during their junior and senior years in high school.  Students must meet the following requirements:

Students must take and earn acceptable scores on the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI).  Angelina College requires that students earn the following scores:  Reading 351, Math 350 and Writing 340 with an essay of 4.  CCHS pays the cost of tuition for the dual credit classes and the student is responsible for textbook expenses. CCHS also provides transportation to and from the Angelina College campus during the regular school calendar.  Students who choose to take classes during the summer must provide their own transportation. 

Students are notified at the beginning of the sixth six weeks each year if they have qualified for an opportunity to apply for the dual credit program.  After notification, with the parent's permission, CCHS schedules the TSI test administration to be given on our campus. The cost of the TSI test is $30.

For more information concerning our dual credit opportunities, please click the link below or call CCHS at 936-398-2341.


Dual Credit Handbook

Dual Credit Program Agreement

Angelina College