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Verizon Internet Data Hotspots Available

Posted Date: 09/24/2019

Verizon Internet Data Hotspots Available

C-CISD offers our parents and teachers Verizon Hotspots with no contract and no visit to the Verizon store. The monthly cost is $50. There is no charge for the Hotspot, no activation fee, and no cancellation fee. You may cancel at any time. Our original Hotspots were totally unlimited. These are no longer available. We are now able to offer “limited” unlimited data hotspots. Verizon could throttle the device when more than 25 GB is used each month if the tower that you are accessing is “busy”. The Hotspot can connect multiple devices. Parents who have the newer data plan have reported no problems.

The initial payment is $50. You will pay $50 each month using PayPal, an online payment system. Parents may order two devices. In certain circumstances, additional devices will be available to parents. We try to keep a few devices in stock, but if we have to order one it usually arrives within a few days. Parents must pick up the device at the Elementary School and sign the official permission forms. Verizon cannot filter these devices. It is the parent’s responsibility to use OpenDNS to filter the Hotspot, but we can help you set it up. The Hotspot is the property of the Parent and is under their control. Students may not bring Hotspots to school!

If your device has a problem, the parent will email We will call Verizon and have the device repaired or replaced for free. (You cannot call Verizon for service due to Verizon policy and CCISD policy ). If you no longer want the device, just call 936-398-2341 extension 8004 or email

Payments will occur automatically each month using PayPal. Your account will be suspended if your payment skips. You will receive emails from PayPal when a payment is made or skipped. Paypal automatically charges you again in five days. We have no control over your PayPal account. To place your order, please go to our school’s website, Click on Parents where you will see the Hotspot Order Form. Fill out the information and make a payment using PayPal. You may use a credit or debit card, but you MUST then set up a PayPal account. This will automatically pay the school each month. We will order your Hotspot and email or call you when your device arrives.

Order here.

Kathy Rushing Technology C-CISD 936-398-2341 ext 8004

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