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The Scheherazade Project Anthology

Posted Date: 10/19/2023

The Scheherazade Project Anthology

"The Scheherazade Project Anthology book is a testament to female empowerment and all the women who were involved in the
project - staff and students - and the friends and family who so generously shared their stories with our young writers." 

The Scheherazade Project Anthology was created in the 2022-2023 school year by students from Ras Al Khaimah American Academy and Corrigan-Camden High School in Texas USA. The anthology is a collection of stories about the female family members and friends who have inspired these young women.

As well as developing student skills in collecting and telling stories, the year-long project aimed to empower young women by giving them an appreciation of their female ancestors and the challenges they had faced. It also included online meetings between the two student groups where they were able to share about their lives and beliefs, strengthening the ties between the two schools and countries.

Some students wrote while others painted but the collection of images and tales is a powerful testament to the many unsung female heroes in our communities. We thank those heroes for sharing their stories and allowing us to be inspired by their ability to overcome adversity and the ways in which they helped to create the world in which we live and work today.

The Scheherazade Project was supported by a grant from The Stevens Initiative.

The Stevens Initiative is an international leader in virtual exchange, which brings young people from diverse places together to collaborate and connect through everyday technology. Created in 2015 as a lasting tribute to Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, the Initiative invests in virtual exchange programs between the U.S. and the Middle East and North Africa; shares research, resources, and promising practices to improve impact; and advocates for broader adoption.

The Scheherazade Project is funded by the Stevens Initiative, with support from the government of the United Arab Emirates. Learn more about the Stevens Initiative, which receives support from additional funders and is administered by the Aspen Institute, at


The Scheherazade Project