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School Board

2022 Corrigan-Camden ISD School Board with Superintendent Richard Cooper 

L to R:  P. D. Evans – Board Vice-President;  Lawrence Jolly Jr. – Board Member; Jason Benjamin – Board Member; Richard Cooper – Superintendent;  Thomas J. Roberts  – President; Sammy Presley – Board Member;  Leslie Kilgore – Board Secretary; Peter Burks - Board Member


Corrigan-Camden ISD Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Corrigan-Camden ISD Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes are created and posted online using the Texas Association of School Boards software program BoardBook.  Board Book is a web-based application that electronically streamlines the preparation of the board meeting agenda and builds a searchable archive of meeting dates and agendas. You can find the BoardBook on the right Sidebar on this webpage. 

Notice of Intent to Engage In a Contingent Fee Agreement

Notice of Public Meeting August 2022


Election Information

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Order of Election May 2023

School Board Trustee Information

Certificate of Secretary – August 2022


Budget Report

Notice of Deadline to File an Application for Place on the Ballot

Elected Officers/Term/Eligibility Information 




Board of Education