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Board of Education

Sean Burks - Board President

Marvin Hurley - Board Vice President

Angela Conarroe - Board Secretary

Anthony Harrell - Board Member

Lync Cavanaugh - Board Member

Michael Woodard - Board Member

Misty Woodard - Board Member

Corrigan-Camden ISD Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes are created and posted online using the Texas Association of School Boards software program BoardBook.  Board Book is a web-based application that electronically streamlines the preparation of the board meeting agenda and builds a searchable archive of meeting dates and agendas.  To view the Corrigan-Camden ISD Board Meeting Dates and Agendas click here.

May 2019 Election

Notice of Deadline to File



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Board Book

Board Policy

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A request to speak to the Board

Before we can proceed, we need a little information.

Do you wish to merely speak to the board?

  • If so, this is referred to as the Public Forum.

Steps for speaking at the Public Forum

  1. Be at the Board Meeting, at least 15 minutes prior to its start at 7 PM.
  2. Sign the Public Input form which is available at the receptionist’s desk.
  3. Wait to be recognized by the Board President during the “Recognition of Visitors” section of the agenda.
  4. Stand and identify yourself by name, address, and if applicable the organization you are representing.
  5. Remember to limit your remarks to 5 minutes.

Note: State law prohibits the board’s deliberation, discussion or action of any item not on the official agenda.

Do you wish to be on the Board Agenda as an action item?

  • If so, is this a type of accolade, praise, thank you or donation?
  • Is this a complaint?

Steps for Accolade or Donation

  1. In writing, give your name and the name of the organization, if applicable.
  2. Identify the accolade, award, or gift.
  3. Submit to the superintendent’s office.

Steps for Complaints

  1. Identify the complaint as Public Complaint, Student/Parent Complaint, or Employee Complaint.
  2. Pick up the proper packet of information regarding the complaint or click here for the online forms. 
  3. Read the packet of information and follow the steps outlined in the board policy that is included in the packet.a

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